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What age groups does Learning Jungle Academy serve?

We serve children from ages 3 months to 5 years old

What is LJA's educational philosophy?

Our philosophy is that each child is unique, and we try to instill positive values and attitudes to face the challenges in their continuing education and growth. We promote creative expression and curiosity in all of our children. We work with children to ensure proper progression in all areas of development. An important component of our approach is our bilingual education program. Through our program we help our children gain additional language skills that will help them succeed in our increasingly diverse society. .

What are the current rates?

For our current fee schedule, please see our documents page available here

Will food be provided?

While snacks may be available, parents are expected to pack meals for their children. Breakfast and lunc will not be provided at our center. 

I'm worried that learning two languages at the same time will confuse my child. Can this lead to delays in speech or language development?

Bilingual children meet the same developmental milestones as monolingual children. A bilingual toddler might mix words from both languages (ex. me gusta coloring [I like coloring]), but this is not a sign of abnormal development! The total number of words from both languages spoken by a bilingual child will be comparable to those spoken by a monolingual child. Usually by age 4, children can separate the different languages effectively


7 Myths and Facts About Bilingual Children Learning Language -

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